Activity Room

Welcome to our Activity Room! Check out a list of The Word Finder’s activities and tools below. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Hit the ‘Contact us’ button at the bottom of the page and let us know what’s missing. We might be able to create it!

Fun Stuff

We have tons of fun games to keep you — or your kids — entertained on a lazy Sunday. Check out our Hangman game for some easy, old-school fun, that doesn’t require a partner to play. Or try our Sudoku game if you’d like to flex your mathematical brain. Don’t worry if you get stuck - we also have a Sudoku solver that can quickly solve difficult puzzles, or let you know if you’ve made a mistake.

Make Some Cool Creations!

The Word Finder has a host of cool content-generation tools you can use to create digital or physical content. Our Word Search Maker is one of our most popular creative features, and allows you to create customized word searches for special occasions or to bury a hidden message. We also have heaps of font generators, from our Friends Font Generator to our Cursive Generator and Disney Font Generator, that can help you make custom signs in your favorite text. Or check out our Wordlibs section, where you can create and play your own fun word games.

WORD Stuff

Of course, the Word Finder has plenty of word resources, our specialty. In our Word Stuff section, find links to our Scrabble Word Lists to practice your skills for your next Scrabble game. Have a word in mind, but not sure if it’s legal? Try our Word Checker tool, which will let you know if your word is playable in Scrabble or other games. Or try one of our conversion tools, like our Phone Number Anagram tool, our Words to Pages conversion, and our Caesar Cipher decoder, to help you quickly and easily do time-intensive conversions.

Time is of the Essence

In this section, check out our time conversion and calculator tools. Our Time Duration calculator can calculate the number of days between dates. Try our Business Day Duration calculator which offers several features such as excluding weekends and holidays. Or use our Time Calculator to find the number of hours, minutes, or seconds in a set number of days.

Random Stuff

It can be hard to think of random things; luckily, The Word Finder has you covered. Check out our our random letter generator, random word generator, or our random object and sentence generators. Our randomization tools can help you come up with random prompts for any purpose, whether for games, writing exercises, or to practice your English handwriting.

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