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Our Random Letter Generator can help you create a list of one or more random letters. Whether you’re looking for a string of random French letters or sequences of different lengths, just set your parameters and let our tool do the rest of the work!

How to Use The Random Letter Generator

  1. Specify your letter options. In the ‘letters to choose from’ box, enter all of the letters you’d like to have as options for your random sequence. These can include simple English letters, letters from other languages, or special symbols like punctuation marks and dollar signs.
  2. Choose the number of sequences. Set the number of separate sequences you would like to generate. For instance, if you’d like two separate three-letter strings, set this number to ‘2’.
  3. Choose the minimum and maximum number of letters. Choose how long or how short you’d like your string to be. If you know the exact length you need your string to be, set the minimum and maximum values as the same number. On the other hand, if you have a range of lengths you’d consider, you can enter different numbers into the minimum and maximum boxes.
  4. Decide what types of characters you’d like to include. Using the check-boxes, choose which types of characters can be included in your string. Our tool has options for lowercase letters, uppercase letters, symbols (such as punctuation marks and other special characters), and repeat letters (if it’s okay for the string to contain the same letter multiple times.)
  5. Click the red ‘generate’ button.
  6. Save or copy your generated sequences. Once your sequence has been generated, you can choose to copy or save your generated sequence. Just click the ‘copy generated sequences’ button. The sequences will be saved for you to paste into another document or webpage.

What to Use The Random Letter Generator For

There are a whole host of different ways you can use the Random Letter Generator. From creating games for your kids to developing hard-to-crack passwords, here's how to use a random letter generator.

  1. Test your kids’ vocabulary with a randomized game.

One great way to use our random letter generator is to keep your kids entertained. Set them up with a pencil and a piece of paper, then randomly generate a letter. Whoever comes up with the most words beginning with the chosen letter wins. You can make the game more complex by generating a series of letters and requiring that the chosen words contain all of them. Or you can turn the game into a race by using a stopwatch and a time limit of one to two minutes in which players can generate words.

As a bonus, this game won’t just keep your kids busy; it’ll also help them practice their vocab skills, making them stronger readers and writers.

  1. Practice your Scrabble skills.

If you’re a devout Scrabbler, you’re probably always looking for ways to up your game. One way to practice is to use a random letter generator. Generate a string of letters and practice finding ways to play them. You can look not only for whole words but also sections of words that might be made complete when playing them on the board. If you practice often, you’re sure to notice a boost at your next game. And, as a bonus, research has shown that word and number games like this one can help ward off mental deterioration as you age.

  1. Create an uncrackable password.

You might think your password is uncrackable. But research has shown that oftentimes, even people trying to randomize their passwords follow predictable patterns. When you’re asked to add a capital letter to your password, how often is that letter the first letter of your password? When asked to add a special character, how often do you use the exclamation mark?

It’s hard to see the subtle patterns in our own thinking, especially when we’re trying hard to subvert them. Using a random letter generator can be a great way to set a randomized password that’s difficult for hackers to crack. Just make sure to set an appropriate minimum length (most websites require passwords to be at least six to twelve characters long). Also remember to include uppercase characters and special symbols when necessary.

  1. Flex your creative writing skills.

Sometimes, randomized prompts are just what you need to get the creative juices flowing. For a fun writing exercise, try generating a string of random letters. Use each letter to start a sentence in a paragraph. For instance, if you generated the string ‘nipqe,’ you might start by writing ‘Naya went to the park.’ For the second sentence, which should start with ‘i’, you could then say ‘In the tree, she saw a cat.’ You could continue on in this manner until you had exhausted all the letters you generated, by which time you should have an awesome paragraph you wouldn’t otherwise have written. 

You can also check out the Word Finder’s Random Sentence Generator, which is also a great tool to spark creativity.


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