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How to use the cursive maker

We made the cursive generator because it is amazing that there are so few cursive fonts. Many schools even stopped teaching cursive (it is thankfully making a comeback, however). Cursive fonts are also not part of any standardized font sets, making it difficult to copy and paste.
It's super simple to use our cursive generator tool. Just follow these steps:

First, start typing some text in the input box above.

Next, choose from one of the 8 fonts by selecting different boxes at the top of the page.

Finally, you can save or view your text so you can take it with you. You can also take a screenshot or try to copy and paste

Can I copy and Paste this text

Yes and no. Does that answer your question, LOL?! So, you can absolutely highlight the text field, copy it, and try to paste the font in another program such as Word. However, unless the font style is installed in the program that you are pasting to, it will paste as default font style.

There is a set of "web safe fonts" - fonts that are standardized across devices and browsers and software so that the fonts can be cross compatible. Unfortunately, as of 2019/2020 there are no cursive fonts on that unoffical list.

Cursive fonts in microsoft word

If you are looking for cursive fonts that are ALREADY in Microsoft word, we recommend the following:

1) Lucida Handwriting
2) Mistral
3) Segoe Script

If you are looking to share your file, we recommend converting it to a PDF so the font style stays in place. Good luck!