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Draw Something Word Finder Draw Something Word Finder
Stuck on a (bad) drawing? Use this page to solve the word!
Scramble With Friends Solver Scramble With Friends Solver
Get every possible word that can be made from the letters on your board.
Anagram Solver Anagram Solver
Online tool for finding all anagrams given your input letters. Includes wildcard/blank tiles as well.
Play Sudoku Puzzles Play Sudoku Puzzles
Check out our Sudoku generator! You can print them, or start a puzzle online and even save mid-game.
Mobile Game App Answers Mobile App Game Answers
Check out our answers gizmo. You can use when you are stuck on a level. Updated feverishly.
Activity Room Activity Room
Have a look inside our Game Room where you will find all sorts of activities!
Literati Word Finder Literati Word Finder
Descramble rack letters, including blank tiles. Same as scrabble, can also add known letters to select parts of words.
Scrabble Help With Board Scrabble Help With Board
Use a scrabble board to find best possible plays given your rack letters, including blank tiles.
Backwards Text Converter Backwards Text Converter
Create your own palindromes, or use it to send a friend or family member a "coded" text to decipher.
Words That End With Words That End With
Search for words that end with a certain letter or a specific word.
Words That Contain Words That Contain
Search for words that contain a certain letter or a specific word.

The Word Finder has a slew of tools that will help you to win any and every word game that you play....and also keep you entertained. Tired of losing in Words With Friends? Try theWord Descrambler which can help you find the highest scoring words given your set of rack tiles. You can then choose to sort results by length or by score (scoring options for Scrabble and WWF). Users can also enter in known letters as an extra string.. Thus, if there is a "G" on the board that you want to build off of, enter your letters as well as the "G" in the extra string field. Want to improve your scrabble score? Study the Scrabble Word Lists to improve performance during live game play. Want to create your own wordsearch? Check out the Activity room for a bunch of cool other tricks. One of our favorite crossword sites is here.

If you're looking to create your own palindromes, you can use the Backwards Text Converter to help. The backwards text tool is also fun if you want to just send a friend or family member a "coded" text to decipher. If you want to find every word in the dictionary that starts with a certain letter, this site can give you an ouput of all those words. You can also find every word that starts with a string of letters, such as starting with "Qu" ending in "ness." There are over 600,000 words in the English language, and the average person knows less than 20% of those words. We try to help with the 80% any way possible.

If you are a Scramble With Friends user, we have a tool that will solve your entire board. During the game click on pause, take note of all the letters in your grid and enter them into thescramble with friends solver. From there the solver will list out every possible word that can be made, and users make the decision which words to play in the 2 minute alloted period. Users can even sort by score or alphabetically, depending on which is more convenient. For instance, say there is a triple letter score on the M in your board: In this case you may want to sort alphabetically so you have access to all the words that start with M for additional points. If you play the mobile app Wheel of Fortune, we recommend this wheel of fortune cheats site. You can also create your own WOF Puzzle here!

The dictionary/word list that we use is based on the SOWPODS list, but has been adjusted to add new words that Scrabble and WWf now find acceptable. Such additional accpetable words include "texting" and "zen." Please contact us if you believe the site should include any additional words in our list. We will be constantly adding to the word list as well.

New to the game are our mobile app game answers! We've started with a few and will keep posting more. Check outWord Connect answers, as well as Pictoword answers, and Word Crossy answers.

If you have any issues, suggestions, ideas, or complaints, definetely get in touch with us via ourcontact form, twitter, or facebook. We love to hear from our users! Check out our latest tool where you can make your own Stranger Things Wall Message! You can also send us a tweet for support issues.