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Lion King
Mickey Mouse

Welcome to our Disney Font Generator! Our tool can help you create an awesome personalized Disney logo for your room or to share on social media. Just follow the instructions below on how to use our tool.

How to Use the Disney Font Generator

  1. Enter your text. Enter the text for your logo into the text box. Despite appearances, our font generator only has room for one line of text, so be sparse!
  2. Choose if you’d like a background image. Our tool has four background photos to choose from: A classic Disney castle image, a Lion King image, a picture of Angry from Inside Out, and a stylized Mickey Mouse. If you’d like to set one of these images as your background, make sure you turned the background button ‘ON’ (it will turn green) and pick your photo from the options below. 
  3. Or, if you’d prefer a simpler design, set your background color. If you’re more of a minimalist, you can also set the background to be a plain color. Just leave the background button set to ‘off’ and use the color selection tool to pick a background color.
  4. Set your text color. Use the color selection tool next to ‘text color’ to choose the right shade for your text.
  5. Decide if you’d like text glow. Text glow is similar to a shadow, and sets a hazy edge around your text. Turn this button on if you’d like to add some depth to your image.
  6. Click ‘generate logo.’ Once you’ve got your logo where you want it, hit the green ‘generate logo’ button. You’ll be brought to a separate page where you can view your final image and download it. Or you can share it directly to social media, on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.
  7. If you’d like to start over or create a second logo, hit the ‘reset’ button. 

History of the Disney Logo

One of the most infamous logos in the world, the Disney logo is known to families and fans across the globe. But the Disney logo didn’t always have the characteristic swoop and castle that it is known for now. In fact, when the company first appeared on the cartooning scene in 1923, Disney didn’t have a logo at all. Later, in 1937, when a design was created, it had some features that would be recognizable to fans today, but there was also plenty of space to evolve. Here’s a tour through the history of the Disney font:

  1. 1929

The first ‘logo’ for Disney wasn’t introduced until 1929. Even then, it’s questionable whether the design should really be considered a logo at all. The maximalist design was made to be recognized, and so contained plenty of taglines and an image of Disney’s most popular character, Mickey Mouse. The logo has an undeniable retro vibe, but the complexity of the design meant it was replaced, in 1937, by a much simpler logo.

  1. 1937

The first real Disney logo was created in 1937, and had many recognizable features in common with the Disney font of today. Spelling out Walt Disney’s full name, the logo used the uniquely quirky lettering, though some letters, like the ‘D’, were written differently than they are today.

  1. 1948

Another ten years later, the logo underwent more refurbishment, becoming stylish and sleek. It took the printed letters of the 1937 logo and chained them together into cursive. But for some fans, the logo was hard to read. In 1972, the logo was updated again with this difficulty in mind.

  1. 1972

The 1972 logo smoothed out the letters of the 1948 design, as well as updated the font, bringing back some elements of the 1937 text. The resulting logo, which is very similar to the modern font, would become a classic design. It also included the word ‘Productions’ under the name Walt Disney, so the entire company title could be included in the logo.

  1. 1983

In 1983, a minor change was made to the font, changing the word ‘productions’ to ‘pictures.’ Otherwise, the logo remained the same.

  1. 1985

The classic Cinderella castle was first introduced to the logo in 1985, when a stylized castle was placed above ‘Walt Disney’ on the logo. This logo, which would remain in place until 2006, is the logo found on many Disney VHS tapes and DVDs, meaning it lives on forever in digital form.

  1. 2006

In 2006, Disney evolved the logo again, replacing the simple castle with a larger, more complex design. Extra details were added to the castle, making it more realistic and representative of the castle present at Disney World. But the castle is still mostly identifiable, even from a distance or when printed in small type.

  1. 2011

The most recent update to the logo was in 2011, when the text below the castle image was updated. From reading ‘Walt Disney Pictures,’ the new logo now only says ‘Disney.’ As a global brand, Disney now has the flexibility to be non-specific.

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