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Our Random Sentence Generator can help you come up with fun, random sentences for any purpose. Just enter your parameters into our tool and see what it can come up with!

How the Random Sentence Generator Works

  1. Enter the number of sentences you’d like to generate. In the ‘number of sentences’ box, enter the number of sentences you’d like the tool to create.
  2. Choose what types of sentences you’re looking for. Using the check boxes, select which types of sentences you’re interested in. Our tool offers regular sentences, phrases, and questions.
  3. Choose your sentence length. Our generator can create short sentences or long sentences. You can also select the ‘all’ option if you’re interested in sentences of all lengths.
  4. Click the green ‘generate sentences’ button.
  5. Copy or save your generated sentences. Once you’ve generated your sentences, you can copy or save the ones that catch your eye. Just click the ‘copy generated sentences’ button and the sentences will be saved for you to paste into another document or webpage. OR click on the actual sentence to save it below and you can keep creating more sentences while saving the ones you like!

Potential Use Cases for the Sentence Generator

There are a lot of potential uses for our random sentence generator. From getting the creative juices flowing to serving as inspiration for lyrics, scripts, or brainstorming of any sort, there is no shortage of use cases.Sometimes we all need a kickstart to get those creative juices flowing since you never know what may spark your next brilliant idea! This tool expands on the random word generator by returning a full sentence. Many people can use these sentences, phrases, and questions to begin debates, conversations, and come up with new stories. Here are a few ideas for how you can use our tool, whether that be

  1. Generate creative writing prompts.

Are you creatively stuck? Dealing with writer’s block? Our random sentence generator can help pull you out of your rut. Just generate a random sentence and use it to open a new story. For instance, you might generate the sentence, “You’re so tan,” and find yourself writing a story about a whale washing ashore and ruining a family’s perfectly nice day at the beach. Or you might generate the sentence, “Their concert was a big hit,” and end up writing about a group of rockstars who finally hit their big break. In the end, the story might not be perfect — it might not even be good — but the creative exercise of trying to come up with an idea based on your randomized sentence can help get your mind moving in new ways.

Alternatively, you can generate multiple random sentences and try to fit them all into a single story. For instance, you could generate three sentences and use one to start your story; one for the midpoint; and one to finish off your final paragraph. Or if you want to mix things up even more, you can check out our Random Letter Generator tool, which you can use to generate different types of random writing prompts.

  1. Find inspiration for skits or improv.

Generating a random sentence can be a great way to start a skit or improv. Just like with writing prompts, set our generator to whatever parameters you prefer and come up with a few random sentences. Some might not be helpful, but eventually you’re guaranteed to find something to start an interesting conversation.

  1. Entertain your kids with kooky Mad Libs.

Kids love randomness, even when it doesn’t make any sense. Use a random sentence generator with your kid to come up with a fun, kooky story in a Mad Libs style. Just generate a few sentences and let your child arrange them in whichever order they wish. The game won’t only entertain everyone involved; it’ll also allow your kids to flex their creative muscles, and get them thinking about writing and stories. 

  1. Prompts for game night

Use the sentence generator to create ideas for games like Charades and Pictionary, as well as other family fun games. Teachers can even enjoy using the sentence generator in the classroom environment, as our sentences should all be kid friendly.

  1. Poetry, Lyrics and other creative writing

While our sentences may not be the most complex, the randomness can often generate creative thoughts. It can be the push you need to get over a creative block as it forces one to connect a random idea or word to the ones bouncing around in their head already, therefore pushing your creativity to new limits and venturing into new visionary territory. Writers and creators of all fields can figure out new ways to include a certain phrase, word, or idea into their work or the randomness can simply serve as a catalyst for new thinking completely unrelated to their own thoughts. Also, what seems like a random idea or word may unknowingly connect to a project or something going on in one’s life by helping the innovator see existing ideas in a different perspective and inspiring unexpected concepts.

Generate FUN, not just sentences!

Or, let’s not forget, this generator can just be for fun! These sentences can provide humor and be a cool way to surprise others by sharing a stand-out sentence on social media platforms and gathering your network’s reaction. These are just some ways one might use the random sentence generator for their benefit. Even if you don’t know if it will help, why not just try and see? Either way, you’ll be entertained!

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