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Welcome to our Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Generator! Whether you’re looking to make a card, a nameplate, a poster for your wall, or a graphic for social media, our generator can help you create a customized Wheel of Fortune image.

How to Use the Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Generator

  1. Enter the category or hint. Type in a category or a hidden message to be shown at the bottom of your image, where the show title is displayed on Game of Fortune.
  2. Enter your phrase into the four boxes. Our tool has four lines for you to enter your phrase, which correspond to the four lines on the Wheel of Fortune board. You can put a separate word on each line, or you can combine multiple words on a single line. Just remember to substitute underscores for individual letters if you’d like to insert a blank tile into a word.
  3. Click ‘generate’. Once you’ve entered your board text, click ‘generate’ and the preview image will be updated to reflect your inputs.
  4. If you’d like to view your background options, click the ‘change background button’. We have two images of the Wheel of Fortune board available. Click the ‘change background’ button to toggle between these two images and decide which you prefer.
  5. Click the green ‘view’ button to go to a separate page. On this page, you can download your creation.
  6. If you’d like to restart at any time, click the ‘clear’ button. The ‘clear’ button will wipe your inputs from the board and allow you to start fresh.

The History of Wheel of Fortune


Wheel of Fortune is one of the longest-running TV shows on the air, so perhaps it’s no surprise it’s gone through many different iterations over the years. Originally titled Shopper’s Bazaar, the first Wheel of Fortune pilot came out in 1973 and was targeted mainly towards women. As the name suggests, Shopper’s Bazaar put more focus on shopping than later versions of the game. Contestants solved word puzzles, their success on which, alongside the spin of a vertical wheel, determined what prizes they won. Chuck Woolery became host of Shopper’s Bazaar. He stayed in the role for a year before the game was restructured into Wheel of Fortune in 1974, and he left.


The new iteration of Wheel of Fortune brought it closer to its modern self, but in many ways it was still a developing TV show. The classic horizontal Fortune wheel, which contestants spun, was introduced to the game in 1974, and the puzzle game board was increased to its current size. This board was originally intended to be mechanically operated, with automatic tile-flipping, but the flipping mechanism wasn’t completed in time for taping. Susan Stafford, the first Wheel of Fortune tile-flipper was hired to turn the letters on the board. She was so popular that later, even after the board was automated, a letter-turner would remain on the show. Initially, Edd Byrnes was hired to host the revamped show, but he tested poorly with audiences. Chuck Woolery came back to replace Byrnes before the new show went to air.


The show was an immediate success. Within its first week, Wheel of Fortune drew twenty million daily viewers and became the biggest daytime TV show. Which isn’t to say the show didn’t have its rocky moments: television executive Fred Silverman almost cancelled the show in 1980 to make space for an expanded David Letterman program. Then, in 1981, both Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford left the program. Still, the Wheel remained successful despite these changes. Over the years, Wheel of Fortune would be staffed by a variety of hosts and letter-turners, who all carried on the legacy and practices of the TV show.

Wheel of Fortune underwent its last major change in 1983, when the show became a daily nighttime show which aired at 6:30 or 7 pm depending on the region. Again, though there were some uncertainties with the shift, the show eventually came out on top.

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