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FRIENDS is one of the greatest sitcoms ever created. Here you can create your own personal FRIENDS styled text. You can do this with dots, or without dots, and can change colors. You can basically create any style, font, color, etc. If there is a feature you'd like to see please let us know! This website has NO affiliation with the hit sitcom show FRIENDS. It is merely a fan site.

Welcome to our Friends Font Generator! Whether you’re looking to create a personalized nameplate, desktop background, or social media banner, you’re in the right place.

How to Use our Friends Font Generator

  1. Enter your text. Type your text into the text box. Our tool has space for up to twenty-four characters.
  2. Set your background image or color. If you’d like your background to be a picture of the Friends couch and fountain, click the background button to ‘on’. If you’d prefer a flat color for your background, turn the background ‘off’ and use our color selection tool to choose from a range of shades.
  3. Set your text color. Use the text color selection tool to set your font color.
  4. Decide if you’d like dots included in your logo. The Friends front includes dots between each letter. Turn the dots button on if you’d like these dots included in your own text, or, if you’d prefer a simpler design, turn the button off.
  5. Customize your dot colors. If you choose to keep the dots in your logo, you can set custom colors for each one. Use the color selection tools under the heading ‘Customize dot colors.’
  6. Click ‘generate logo.’ Once you have set the parameters where you’d like them, click the red ‘generate logo’ button. You will be brought to a separate page, where you can save the image or share it to social media.

History of ‘Friends’

Maybe the most famous sitcom of all time, Friends aired from 1994 to 2004, and is still frequently streamed today. Remember the hubbub when Friends was pulled off of Netflix? But the show wasn’t always such a success. Originally conceived by David Crane and Martha Kauffman, who would become the showrunners of the series when it was picked up by Warner Bros. Television, the series underwent significant conceptual and thematic revisions between when it was first pitched and when the first episode was shot. The show was intended to capture the essential feeling of being young and in your twenties, when the future is uncertain and your life seems full of possibilities. Evidently, this was a feeling that many people could relate to. All ten seasons of Friends ranked in the top ten shows for television ratings, and from Season 8 to Season 10, Friends ranked number one.

Fun Facts About ‘Friends’

  1. Friends was originally named ‘Insomnia Cafe’. After much discussion, and considering multiple options, showrunners eventually eventually changed the name to ‘Friends’ because of its wider appeal.
  2. Before the first episode aired, the cast was advised to go on a blowout trip to Las Vegas. They were told it might be their last chance to exist in public anonymously, because the show was sure to be a big hit.
  3. Monica and Joey were originally supposed to get together. In some ways, it makes sense: there’s something fitting about a chef marrying a voracious eater. But when Chandler and Monica slept together in the final episode of Season 4, the audience response was so overwhelmingly positive that the showrunners reworked their romantic plans for the group.
  4. Phoebe’s character arc was also reworked: originally, she was supposed to end up with David. According to the showrunners, they’d always imagined David, who was one of Phoebe’s love interests in season one, coming back around in the final season to sweep Phoebe off her feet. But when Paul Rudd joined the cast during Season 9, he won both the audience and the writers’ hearts.
  5. Monica’s apartment number changed over the course of the show. In season one, Monica and Rachel lived in Apartment #5, across the hall from Joey and Chandler in Apartment #4. The writers later realized these numbers didn’t make any sense, since Monica and Rachel weren’t on a first-floor unit. They later updated the apartment numbers, moving Rachel and Monica into Apartment #20 and Joey and Chandler into Apartment #19.
  6. The big white dog that Joey bought upon making it big on All My Children actually belonged to Rachel Aniston. According to Aniston, ‘Pat the dog’ was a good-luck gift from a friend to mark the occasion of her first day shooting Friends. 
  7. The show has plenty of continuity errors, including Ross’s age. Ross is twenty-nine years old for three years, from season three to season five. 
  8. Gunther, one of the most popular characters on the show outside of the main cast, was originally envisioned as a non-speaking role. In fact, he didn’t even get named until season two. When he did finally have a line, thirty-three episodes into the series, it was a simple ‘yeah.’ 
  9. When the series ended, every cast member took home a piece of the fake sidewalk from outside the Central Perk coffeeshop as a memento of their time together on the show.
  10. Friends was ahead of the game on equal pay for  men and women. All six of the main Friends characters earned the same amount for their work: a whopping million dollars per episode by the final season.

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