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The History

Fortune cookies have a long history, but not as long as you might think. Fortune cookies did not originate in China, but rather Chinese AND Japanese immigrants in North America popularized them a little over 100 years ago (late 19th century). They were a fun fortunes, and often included lucky numbers that many used in the lottery. It feels recently Fortune Cookies have become more outrageous in their messaging. We actually compiled a list of real lifefunny fortune cookies; They are not just haha-funny, but more so how did they come up with this-funny. Fortune cookie sayings have felt like they have shifted over the years – for example, a restaurant in Chicago is making Cards Against Humanity fortune cookies!

One common complaint about Fortune Cookies is that they often aren’t fortunes, like “You will run into some good luck;” But rather they are often statements telling us what to do, such as “Be nice to a family member this week.” But before we take to the road of “times are different now,” check out this article about fortune cookies from 1978! Yes, 1978. The article even references “the old days.” The Post talks even then about the complaints of fortune cookies not actually providing fortunes. Of course in the old days they didn’t have a place online where a fortune cookie generator would be readily available.

The Fortune Cookie Generator

The Fortune Cookie Generator is simple to use. You can enter in your own fortune/saying and just click the generate button. If you hit enter, you will be able to enter custom text on the 2nd line of the paper as well. You can also choose to enter in up to 6 lucky numbers. If you choose not to input any customized numbers, the fortune will just return random numbers on the fortune cookie paper.

Your Fortunes

We would love to hear YOUR hilarious, inspiring, or just plain odd fortunes you have received or heard of from fortune cookies. Please send our way!!

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