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How to Use the Nintendo Font Generator

  1. Choose your logo type. We have three different types of Nintendo logos. One is a traditional Nintendo logo. Another is a Super Nintendo logo, and the third is a PacMan-style arcade logo. These three logos are displayed at the top of the page. Click the logo you like best to choose which template you’d like to build your design from.
  2. Enter your logo text. Beside the preview image is a text box. Enter your desired text into this box. If you have chosen our Super Nintendo image,  there are two boxes for text and sub-text. Make sure to fill both boxes with your desired text.
  3. Choose if you’d like the background image on or off. If you would like a Nintendo-related background image for your logo, make sure to turn the background image on. We even have a Nintendo Switch background image.
  4. If you’d like the background image on, choose your background image. Once you’ve turned on the background image, you can pick your favorite picture from our options, shown below the ‘Background ON’ button. Just click on the image you like best to set it as your background.
  5. If you’d like a plain colored background, turn the background image off. Then select your desired color from our drop-down color selection tool. Our tool lets you choose any color in the rainbow.
  6. Choose your text color. Once you’ve set your background, choose your text color. Our drop-down menu lets you choose from a wide range of options.
  7. Decide if you’d like a shadow on your text. Our tool allows you to put a shadow on your text. Click the ‘ON’ button under shadow if you’d like to add depth to your logo, or leave it off if you prefer a simpler design.
  8. Drag your text to position on your image. Once you have the bones of your logo put together, you can drag your text across the image to try out different designs. Decided you want your text in the center of the image after all? Just click the red ‘center’ button below the image preview and your text will be automatically readjusted.
  9. Once you’re all set, hit the ‘create button.’  You’ll be brought to a separate page where you can share your final image. Or, if you’d prefer to download the image from the main page, hit the green ‘download’ button below the image preview, and your image will be downloaded as a PNG file.
  10. Want to start fresh with another logo? Hit the red reset button at the bottom right corner of the page to reset the parameters to the default settings and start again.

Ten Fun Facts About Nintendo

In a world where video games are becoming a staple in everyday life — not just for teenage boys — everyone knows and loves Nintendo. But how much do you actually know about the company? Here are ten fun facts about Nintendo that’ll only make you love their games even more.

  1. The man who created ‘Game Boy’ started out as one of Nintendo’s janitors. From his cleaning position, he was able to move up to the assembly line, where he caught the eye of his bosses. Twenty years later, he would come to serve as Nintendo’s general manager.
  2. Before they sold video games, Nintendo tried their hand at a variety of money-making pursuits. Among them: attempts to sell a vacuum cleaner, instant rice, and “love tester” machines. We should all be glad they eventually ended up in the video game industry.
  3. Final Fantasy VII, one of the most popular games of all time, was originally a Nintendo game. The company which created Final Fantasy VII, Squaresoft, had a deal to release FFVII on Nintendo. But then delays in production, and a desire to use new CD-ROM technology for the game, had Squaresoft looking elsewhere.
  4. The Nintendo DS was almost called the ‘Nintendo City Boy.’ Which is certainly memorable — but doesn’t necessarily have the same ring to it as the ‘DS.’
  5. Nintendo is the world’s largest purely video game developer, with a revenue of $12.1 billion in 2020.
  6. Before Mario was the face of Nintendo, they had Diskun as their mascot: a yellow player meant to represent the add-on Disk system. Unfortunately, that system never took off in the U.S., and eventually it was decided Mario would be a better global representative for Nintendo’s work.
  7. In the ‘80s, Nintendo had a Captain Nintendo Hotline that, as an 800 number, was free to all users. Perhaps because of the low cost, they were flushed with calls, not only from those seeking help with their games, but also from kids who were struggling emotionally and looking for someone to talk to. To avoid liability — and the high expense of call operators — Nintendo eventually had to convert to a toll line.
  8. Paul Rudd — now one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, the actor behind Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — was once in a Nintendo commercial. In the early ‘90s, when Rudd was just dipping his toes into acting, he did a commercial for Super Nintendo in which he played video games in an old movie theater. 
  9. But Nintendo lost Tom Hanks, who was set to start in 1993 Super Mario Bros. He wanted $5 million in pay, and Nintendo thought it was too much, so they picked a different actor. It was definitely a mistake: the movie was a complete flop, and nobody has made a Nintendo-based movie since.
  10. Nobody knows for sure what ‘Nintendo’ means: not even the people inside the company! Some think the name is an homage to the phrase “leave luck to heaven” in Japanese. But since there’s no remaining information from the start of Nintendo, nobody can be positive.

Feedback on the Nintendo Font Generator

What do you think about our Nintendo Font Generator? Was this tool useful for you, or are there features you’d like to see added? We’d love to hear from you! Reach out using the ‘Feedback’ button below to share your suggestions. 

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