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Welcome to our Original Anagram Solver! This page tries to bring you the bare-bones version of our original anagram solver. This page was created for readers who do not love the new look, features, and feel of the new solver. This tool can help you descramble anagrams for any purposes, whether for games or just for fun!

How to Use Our Classic Original Anagram Solver

  1. Enter your letters into the large box. You can enter these in any order. If you have a blank square or tile, enter a space or question mark.
  2. Use space or ? marks for blanksSpace bar is the fastest way to enter a wildcard/blank tile
  3. If desired, choose show/hide advanced options. This will allow you to set more specific preferences to narrow down your results.
  4. Enter any extra letters. Extra letters are known letters in the word. For instance, if there is an ‘r’ on the board, and you’d like to use your letters to play out a word, including that ‘r’, enter it here. You can either choose to lock the extra letter at the beginning or end of the word or include it anywhere in the word.
  5. Choose your dictionary. If you’re playing a word game, make sure to set the appropriate dictionary for your game. Our tool has dictionaries for Scrabble US and UK, Words with Friends, Word Chums, Wordscapes, or all words (SOWPODS). This will help us estimate the point values for the generated words.
  6. Choose how to sort results. You can sort results by word length, Words with Friends point values or Scrabble points.
  7. Once you’re ready, click the red ‘scramble!’ button. Our tool will generate your results below. Keep in mind our tool will generate anagrams that include only some of your letters and results that include all of them (where applicable.) If you’re looking only for anagrams that include all your letters, check out our Must Use Every Letter Anagram Solver. Or, if you want a solver that can generate multiple word results, check out our Multiple Word Anagram Solver. And finally of course we have the main Anagram Solver

Tips for Descrambling Anagrams

If you’ve found your way to this page, you’re probably stuck with a word scrambling game, be it Scrabble, Words with Friends, or something else. Getting stuck is understandable: everyone gets stuck sometimes! But if you’re looking to develop your anagramming skills, here are a few tips to think about for how to solve an anagram.

  1. Look for likely combinations of consonants.

Some pairs of letters appear more often together than apart. For instance, if you have the letter string 'trmie,' you might think about the fact that the consonants ‘tr’ appear more commonly next to each other than ‘mt’ or ‘mr’. So you might try to focus on words that start with ‘tr’ or end with ‘rt’. Looking in that matter, you  might find the word ‘trim’.

  1. Search for prefixes and suffixes.

Prefixes and suffixes are found in many words in the English language. Pulling these out where you can find them can help you narrow down your anagram options. For instance, combinations of letters like ‘pre’, ‘ing’ or ‘ed’ can be added on to many words to create longer, higher-point-value words. 

For instance, consider the letter combo ‘ingrain.’ There seem to be a lot of options for words you can create with this anagram. But as soon as you pull out ‘ing’, you see that the remaining letters, ‘rnai’, spell out ‘rain.’ So ‘raining’ is an easy anagram that will use all of your letters and maximize your points. Interestingly, ingrain is actually a playable word.

  1. Try separating your vowels and consonants.

When you’re really stuck, try separating your vowels and consonants. Even when they don’t have any common consonant pairs, the simple division of vowels and consonants can help you see words differently. The brain automatically substitutes vowels into words when they are missing, meaning by looking at the letter combo ‘trm’ it’s often easier to figure out where a vowel could fit and what the word might be, as compared to looking at the more complex letter combo ‘trmie.’


What do you think about our Anagram Solver? Was this tool useful for you, or are there features you’d like to see added? We’d love to hear from you! Click the ‘feedback’ button to share your suggestions.

Test your anagramming skills with the photo below:

Anagram Solver
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