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Stuck on a word search? Have you spent what feels like hours hunting for that one missing word to solve your puzzle? You’re in the right place: welcome to our Word Search Solver! Whether you need help solving a school assignment or just want to finish your puzzle before you lose your sanity, you can use our tool to quickly and easily find the missing words you’re looking for.

How To Use the Word Search Solver

  1. Create your board: In the ‘Create Board’ box, type all the letters that appear on your board in the order they appear. Don’t forget to hit return between lines to ensure correct formatting. The board preview will automatically update as you type, so you can check to make sure the board is accurate as you go.
  2. Enter words to find: If you’re looking for particular words in your search, you can enter them into the ‘Find these words’ box. When searching for multiple words, make sure to separate them using commas. Spaces aren’t necessary between words.
  3. Set searching parameters: Our tool allows you to search only for specific words or to search for any word found in the dictionary. If you don’t have specific words you want to search for, set the parameter to ‘Dictionary only.’ Even if you are looking for specific words, it can be fun to see all the words that appear in your search, whether intentionally included or not!

Tips for Solving Word Searches

This section describes some tips on how to improve at word search puzzles.

Scan each row for key letters.

Although this is not the quickest way to solve a puzzle, it is likely the most thorough when you are stuck. Instead of randomly searching the board, start at the top left corner of the board and, row-by-row, scan for key letters or letter combinations. For instance, if one of the words you are searching for is ‘puzzle’, scan the board for the letter ‘P’ or ‘Z’. This methodical approach can help ensure you don’t miss anything hiding in plain sight!

Look for the longest words first.

If your board includes long words, try searching for those first. They’re often easy to find, because they take up a significant amount of space on the board - and they can help you narrow down available search areas for other, shorter words.

Make sure you know your board’s rules.

Depending on the word search, there might be different rules about how words can appear on the board. For instance, some word searches might allow for words to be placed diagonally and backwards across the board, while others may not. Make sure you know your board’s rules, so you’re not missing out on different ways the word could appear.

Look for key two-letter combinations.

Sometimes, if a word contains a lot of common letters, that word can be harder to find on the board. To narrow down your search, try to find a unique two-letter combination within the word that you can search for. These combinations will be less likely to appear randomly on your board, and can significantly narrow down your search time. For instance, if you’re searching for the word ‘Aubergine,’ you might look for the ‘AU’ letter combination instead of only searching for ‘A’s.

Scan the board backwards, or turn it upside down.

If you find yourself stumped, a good way to change your perspective is to scan the board backwards or upside down. For instance, starting at the bottom right corner and looking for key letters might help you find something you missed when scanning from left to right. Similarly, physically turning the board upside down might help you notice patterns on the board that you previously missed.

Use your finger or a pen to keep your place.

It can be easy to lose yourself in all those letters. When you’re scanning the board, keep your place with your finger or a pointing device in order to ensure you don’t inadvertently skip any lines or letters.

Where to Find Word Searches of All Difficulty Levels

The Word Finder has our own word search puzzles to browse and play. Whether you’re a teacher looking for a way to entertain their students, or a hobbyist who just likes to keep their mind sharp, we have word searches for all different ages, topics, and difficulty levels. For many of our puzzles, you can even customize the difficulty level for different players. For instance, you can generate an ‘easy’ Taylor Swift word search for one child, and a ‘hard’ Taylor Swift word search for another, so they can work on the similar tasks customized to their abilities. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, we also have a unique ‘brutal’ setting for our word searches, which creates puzzles even the most skilled searcher would struggle to solve. We also have a tool that will allow you to make your own custom word search puzzle. These can be great for gifts, parties, or even the classroom. Word search puzzles have been around for a long time, and it's fun to be able to create your own!

Feedback for Word Search Solver

What do you think about our Word Search Solver? Was this tool useful for you, or are there features you’d like to add? We’d love to hear from you! Reach out using the ‘Contact Us’ page linked below to share your suggestions. Also be sure to check out our new wordle solver for the popular new word game!

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