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Daily Anagram Word Scramble Puzzles

Welcome to The Word Finder’s Daily Anagram Scramble! On this page, you’ll find a new collection of anagrams for you to unscramble each day. We hope you enjoy playing our Daily Anagram Puzzles! Each word scramble was handcrafted by our staff! Read on to learn more about how to use our Scramble, and to learn more about the history of word jumble games!

How to Play Our Daily Anagram Scramble

  1. Read the scrambled letters. There are four words in each scramble. Our page displays them one by one, alongside the boxes in which you can enter the solutions. Most players start at the top of the page, but you can start at whichever word catches your eye first.
  2. Enter your unscrambled word into the boxes. The boxes turn green if you’ve gotten the letter placement correct, or red if you’ve entered the letter incorrectly. This can help guide you to a solution on difficult words. Or, if you’d prefer to solve the scrambles entirely unaided, you can solve the words before entering them.
  3. If you’re stuck, head to the bottom of the page and click the black ‘clue’ button. This button will tell you the ‘theme’ of the words you are unscrambling. For instance, one week we might have a superhero theme and give you a set of superheroes’ names to unscramble. Or the theme might be ‘yellow’ and you’ll have to unscramble the names of four yellow things. If you are still really stuck, enter the letters in our anagram solver to find answers.
  4. When you’ve entered all the words correctly, confetti will rain down. Congrats! You did it.
  5. If you’re interested in playing more, check out the ‘previous daily anagram puzzles’ section at the bottom of the page. From here, you can see our ten most recent anagram puzzles, which you can play to keep your skills sharp.

History of Jumble Games

Though we like to think our games are some of the best, The Word Finder is far from the first place to put out word jumble games. One of the oldest, most popular word jumble games is called Jumble. Created in 1954 by Martin Naydel, Jumble consists of a clue, a drawing, and a set of scrambled words. The clue and drawing both provide hints to players about what types of words they are seeking to unscramble. The Jumble game quickly grew popular amongst word search and crossword aficionados, and now, over 600 newspapers feature daily or weekly Jumbles. 

Originally called ‘Scramble,’ Jumble actually had to change its name to distinguish itself from Scrabble, another hugely popular word game which was created in 1931 by architect Alfred M. Butts. Its design was based off crossword puzzles. It combined the appeal of crosswords with the appeal of anagrams. Now, there are plenty ofword games for the iPhone era which allow players to descramble letters to form words. Words with Friends is one such game, as is Wordscapes, which gives players a set group of letters and asks them to make as many as ten words from the set.


How do you like our Daily Anagram Scramble? Did you find it fun, or were there more features you’d like to see added? Feel free to reach out to us using the feedback button below to tell us how you use the game and to give us any suggestions for improvements! If you're looking for more word game resources — from Scrabble word lists to anagram solvers — check out our Activity Room.

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