Seven Hilarious Anagrams

What’s in a name? Not very much, according to Shakespeare. Maybe someone should have taught him about anagrams. Anagrams are words or phrases which are formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. They’re buried in many everyday names and words, in places you often wouldn’t expect. Take God, for example, which anagrams to dog; flow, which anagrams to wolf; or cinema, which can be rearranged to spell iceman. As you might expect, there are lots of inadvertently funny anagrams, too. Below are our seven favorite hilarious anagrams, rounded up for your enjoyment.

  1. Vacation time = I am not active.


Look: when’s the last time you exercised on vacation? Outside of the hike to the breakfast buffet. It’s a mystery why hotels bother to build such nice gyms.

  1. Tom Cruise = So, I’m cuter.


If you remember Tom Cruise from his glory days in the nineties, you might remember him as the epitome of attractiveness amongst male actors. But if that was before your time, Tom Cruise to you might mean Scientology and vigorous action-movie stunts — like the kind which led him to snap his ankle during a Mission Impossible scene. Not exactly sexy. Regardless, the anagram works: either he’s cuter, or you are.

  1. The Morse Code = Here come dots


It was so nice of the Morse Code creators to leave a cheat sheet embedded right in its name.

  1. Santa Monica = Satanic Moan


Having never been to Santa Monica, I cannot comment on any moaning in the region, satanic or otherwise. But now I would like to visit.

  1. Snooze Alarm = Alas! No More Z’s


Every morning, when I choose not to hit the snooze button, it is a travesty of epic proportions. Alas is correct! If only the world included more ‘Z’s.’

  1. Dormitory = Dirty Room


Look, I spent two years in a dorm room at college. And I don’t think I swept once. Well, maybe once. But certainly not twice. It’s part of the experience!

  1. Presbyterians = Best in Prayers = Britney Spears.


If I asked my Presbyterian grandmother who she thought was the best in prayers, she probably would not say Britney Spears. But hey, things have been looking up for Spears lately: maybe she’s got someone looking out from her on high.

There are lots of fun anagrams out in the world, many of them undiscovered. Check out more hilarious anagrams on our Funny Anagrams page. What cool anagrams do you know of that we didn’t put on this list? Do you have even funnier anagrams to share?