Scrabble Words Ending in Q

In Scrabble, the letter ‘Q’ is the definition of “a blessing and a curse.” While Q is worth a hefty 10 points in Scrabble – the most of any letter – it’s very hard to use. That difficulty is doubled when you have to play Q without a U or play Q at the end of the word. But rest assured, if you’ve got a Q jammed up against the side of the board, you’ve still got options. Here are a few words you can play that end with Q to get you plenty of points in your next game – as well as impress your opponent.

  1. Suq

This word is a variant of souk, or an open-air market in North Africa or the Middle East. Unlike many of the other options on this list, it does require a ‘U.’ But because it’s so short, odds are you’ll be able to find the letters to play this term.

  1. Cinq

This alternate spelling of cinque means the cardinal number 5. This word isn’t valid in SOWPODS, but it is considered good in most other Scrabble dictionaries.

  1. Talaq

This word means a form of Islamic divorce. Fun fact: it’s one of scrabble champion Craig Beevers’ favorite Scrabble terms.

  1. Tranq

One of the few words on this list you’ll probably recognize, tranq is an abbreviation for tranquilize. That means “to use a drug to cause someone to become very relaxed and calm.”

  1. Umiaq

This word is an alternative spelling of umiak, meaning a large, open boat made of skins stretched over a wooden frame. 

  1. Kamotiq

This word means “a vehicle having runners and used for carrying people or loads over ice or snow.” In other words, it’s a sled. This term is acceptable to play in most Scrabble dictionaries. 

  1. Tsaddiq

Also spelled tsaddik or tzaddiq, this word means “a very righteous person, especially a Hassidic spiritual leader.” 

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