Praveen Latchamsetty

Praveen Latchamsetty

Co-Founder & Many Hats

Please feel free to get in touch. Would love to hear from you! This photograph is me with the kids in a family photo shoot in 2021.

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The Word Finder was one of the first websites I ever worked on, and till this day my favorite. We are continually trying to learn and improve (both ourselves, and of course the website). Hence, your feedback is super valuable.

Created this website in its bare bones stage back in 2005. I am married to my lovely wife Leena, who was also the voice of feedback for many of the early tools on this site. We have two children together, pictured to the left. In the past I graduated from St. Norbert School (elementary), Loyola Academy (high school), Northwestern U (undergraduate), and the University of Michigan (graduate). I enjoy basketball, golf, baseball, cooking, and of course the Chicago sports teams. I actually began this website as a hobby. Now it takes a team and full time work to keep it running and improving. However, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Favorite Chicago Sports Teams
  • Bulls
  • Bears
  • Cubs

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