Anagram Examples

Anagrams are words or phrases that are formed by scrambling the letters of another word or phrase. For instance, “arc” is an anagram of “car.” There are many different types of anagrams: from true to partial to multiple-word anagrams, read on to learn more about different types of anagrams, and to see a few anagram examples.

True Anagram Examples

True anagrams are anagrams that use every letter of the original word, and no extra letters. They are sometimes also called perfect anagrams. For instance, ‘arc’ is a true anagram of ‘car.’ Here are a few more examples of true anagrams:

  1. Cheater = teacher
  2. God = dog
  3. Planter = replant
  4. Lampshade = headlamps
  5. Bust = stub
  6. Roots = torso
  7. Rail = lair
  8. Donate = atoned
  9. Thicken = kitchen
  10. Iceman = anemic = cinema

Partial Anagram Examples

Partial anagrams are anagrams that use only part of the original word. For instance, a partial anagram of ‘rosebud’ would be ‘beds.’ ‘Beds’ is formed entirely using letters from the word ‘rosebud’; however, it does not use every letter, so it is only a partial anagram. Partial anagrams can also be called imperfect anagrams. Almost all long words contain multiple partial anagrams of basic words like ‘as’, ‘the’, or ‘car.’ Here are a few examples of partial anagrams:

  1. Course → core
  2. Racecar → ace
  3. Salamander → dramas
  4. Television → invite
  5. Political → patio
  6. Worker → woe
  7. Scramble → blames
  8. Officer → fire
  9. Architect → cache
  10. California → falcon → loaf

Multiple Word Anagram Examples

Multiple word anagrams are anagrams that are formed by combining multiple words. For instance, a multiple-word anagram might turn the phrase “spoiled milk” into “implode silk.” Multiple word anagrams are much harder to find than regular anagrams. Here are some examples of multiple-word anagrams:

  1. Quiet down → quote wind
  2. Sea turtles → startle Sue
  3. Green thumb → Nutmeg herb
  4. White snow → whose twin
  5. Tall order → rolled tar
  6. Loud snores → loser sound
  7. Climb up → limb cup
  8. Rock star → arts cork
  9. Grey wolf → glory few
  10. Tired man → dirt mane

Funny Anagram Examples

Most anagrams are completely random and as such, not particularly funny. However, some anagrams are quite hilarious. Here are a few examples of funny anagrams:

  1. Dormitory = dirty room
  2. Software = swear oft
  3. The detectives = detect thieves
  4. Vacation time = I am not active
  5. Sycophant = acts phony
  6. The Hilton = Hint: hotel
  7. Slot machines = cash lost in ‘em
  8. Naturalist = a trails nut
  9. Listen = silent
  10. Britney Spears = Presbyterians = Best in Prayers

For more of our favorite funny anagrams, check out our list of funny anagrams.

Famous Anagram Examples

Anagrams have been around for a long time, so it’s probably not surprising that plenty of anagrams have found their way into popular media. From famous books to star-studded movie quotes, here are a few examples of famous anagrams:

  1. Did you know anagrams pop up in books often? In Harry Potter, for instance, the name of the main villain, “I am Lord Voldemort” is an anagram of “Tom Marvolo Riddle,” his civilian name, according to Grammarly.
  2. Ever see The Shining? The REDRUM was creepy, right? But did you know that the word is actually an anagram of MURDER, per YourDictionary? Shudder.
  3. William Shakespeare may have used anagrams too: Hamlet, the name of royalty in one of his play’s, is made by rearranging the letters in the name of a prince at that time, Amleth.
  4. Or, if you’re a horror fan, look no further than the Silence of the Lambs, in which Hannibal Lecter gives the name of Buffalo Bill as Louis Friend. It’s a fake name, made by scrambling the letters of Fool’s Gold.
  5. Fan-favorite book The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown uses anagrams as one of the hints that the detectives get as they work to solve the central mystery, per TCK Publishing. For instance, “Oh, lame saint,” is given as a hint. That anagrams to “The Mona Lisa.”


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