Draw Something Cheat

Updated with new words November 2018. Stuck on a Drawing? Use this Draw Something Classic Help Tool to help you guess.
Use "Extra Letters" only for known letters in the word
Select where extra letters are to appear in the word

Word length WWF Points Scrabble Points

Use this Draw Something Cheat to solve your partner's/opponent's drawing. You can call it a Draw Something Cheat, but remember some people's drawings are just so bad it's not really your own fault. Reminder: this page has ONLY those words used in the app! Here's the thing: Is it even really cheating? I mean if the person you are playing with is just a terrible drawer, is that your fault?! NO! I mean seriously. There are people who draw a random line and expect you to guess their word. Thus, you should not feel bad for using this page.

Also, let us know what your best drawing, or the best artwork you've seen looks like. Some of the artwork we've seen are just plain ridiculous that we have to believe there is a converter tool out there that basically converts a regular picture into a Draw Something screenshot.