Is BAD a scrabble word?

Words with Friends :  YES

English International (SOWPODS) :  YES

Collins Scrabble Words :  YES

Official Tournament & Club Word List :  YES

Enable1 Dictionary :  YES

Letterpress Dictionary :  YES

Definitions for the word 'bad'


  1. BAD, that which is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency
  2. BAD, morally bad forces or influences
  3. BAD, the unpleasant things that happen to people
  4. BAD, things that are morally wrong


  1. BAD, feeling physical discomfort or pain (tough' is occasionally used colloquially for bad')
  2. BAD, (of foodstuffs) not in an edible or usable condition
  3. BAD, not working properly
  4. BAD, reproduced fraudulently
  5. BAD, characterized by wickedness or immorality
  6. BAD, capable of harming
  7. BAD, physically unsound or diseased
  8. BAD, very intense
  9. BAD, not financially safe or secure
  10. BAD, nonstandard
  11. BAD, below average in quality or performance
  12. BAD, not capable of being collected


  1. BAD, having undesirable or negative qualities
  2. BAD, feeling or expressing regret or sorrow or a sense of loss over something done or undone


  1. BAD, very much; strongly
  2. BAD, with great intensity (bad' is a nonstandard variant for badly')

Synonyms for 'bad'

Antonyms for 'bad'

The word BAD is worth 6 points in Scrabble and 7 points in Words with Friends

How to use the word 'bad' in a sentence

  1. The house is in bad condition.
  2. a letter written in bad French
  3. He had a bad day at the office.
  4. There's more good than bad in him.
  5. We need to teach our children the difference between good and bad.
  6. teaching children the difference between the good and the bad
  7. He hasn't succeeded because he doesn't want it bad enough.
  8. you didn't do too bad on the treadmill test

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