Is BIG a scrabble word?

Words with Friends :  YES

English International (SOWPODS) :  YES

Collins Scrabble Words :  YES

Official Tournament & Club Word List :  YES

Enable1 Dictionary :  YES

Letterpress Dictionary :  YES

Definitions for the word 'big'


  1. BIG, in an advanced stage of pregnancy
  2. BIG, conspicuous in position or importance
  3. BIG, given or giving freely
  4. BIG, generous and understanding and tolerant
  5. BIG, marked by intense physical force
  6. BIG, significant
  7. BIG, loud and firm
  8. BIG, (of animals) fully developed
  9. BIG, very intense
  10. BIG, feeling self-importance
  11. BIG, exhibiting self-importance
  12. BIG, prodigious


  1. BIG, above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent


  1. BIG, in a boastful manner
  2. BIG, in a major way
  3. BIG, on a grand scale
  4. BIG, extremely well


  1. BIG, in a big way
  2. BIG, in a way that is meant to impress people

Synonyms for 'big'

Antonyms for 'big'

The word BIG is worth 6 points in Scrabble and 8 points in Words with Friends

How to use the word 'big' in a sentence

  1. a big glass of soda
  2. She moved to a bigger city.
  3. the biggest city in the state
  4. He talks big about his plans, but he hasn't done much yet.
  5. with that new promotion he's now one of the bigs in the company
  6. when a candidate is running for president, he's playing in the bigs and cannot afford to make major mistakes

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