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of barley on a farm in {{w, Winterbourne Bassett}} in wiltshire, england, UK. The stiff awns or bristle#noun, bristles are clearly visible.]] hummell (transitive) Of an animal: to remove#verb, remove the horn#noun, horns; to poll#verb, poll. (transitive) To separate (barley, oats, etc.) from the awns.

Alternative forms



of an animal: to remove the horns poll


HUMMEL (plural HUMMELs) (Northern England, Scotland, also, _, attributive) A stag that has failed to grow antlers; a cow#noun, cow that has not developed horn#noun, horns. from late 15th c. (also, _, attributive) Especially in hummel corn: grain that lacks awns (beards or bristle#noun, bristles), or has had its awns removed (barley, oats, etc.).

Alternative forms



without antlers by {{w, Antoine-Louis Barye}}, from the collection of the {{w, Metropolitan Museum of Art}} in new york city, new york, USA]] Probably from Middle English hamelen, , to maim, mutilate; to cut short, from {{inh, en, ang, hamelian, , to hamstring, mutilate}},Compare {{cite-book, author=Abram Smythe Palmer, authorlink=Abram Smythe Palmer, chapter=The Words ‘Flirt’—‘Flunkey’—‘Scorn’, title=Leaves from a Word-hunter’s Note-book. Being Some Contributions to English Etymology, location=London, publisher=w:nicholas trübner, trübner & co., {{w, Ludgate Hill}}, year=1876, section=footnote 2, page=43, pageurl=, oclc=156094804, passage=The expression an 'humble' deer, an 'humble' ewe, is applied to one without horns; but this is a corruption of hummel'd, from prov[incial] Eng[lish] hummel, hammel, O[ld] N[orse] hamla, to mutilate, lop, A[nglo-]Sax[on] hamelan, to hamstring.}}{{cite-book, author=A[bram] Smythe Palmer, authorlink=Abram Smythe Palmer, chapter={{smallcaps, Humble}}, title=Folk-etymology: A Dictionary of Verbal Corruptions or Words Perverted in Form or Meaning, by False Derivation or Mistaken Analogy, location=London, publisher={{w, George Bell & Sons}}, year=1882, page=182, pageurl=, column=2, oclc=1000034280, passage={{smallcaps, Humble}}, in the sense of hornless, applied to a cow, ewe, deer, &c.{{nb...}}, is a corrupt form of Scotch and Northern Eng. hummel, hummle, homyll, without horns; {{...}} All these words are akin to Prov[incial] Eng[lish] hamel, to lame, Ger[man] hammel, a wether, A[nglo-]Sax[on] hamelian, Icel[andic] hamla, to maim or mutilate.}} from {{der, en, gem-pro, hamalōną}}, *hamlōną, , to mutilate, from {{der, en, ine-pro, *kem-, , hornless; mutilated}}. Cognate with {{cog, nl, hamel, , wether}}, {{cog, en, hamble}}, {{cog, nds, hommel}}, hummel, , an animal lacking horns,{{R:Lexico}} humlich, dialectal hommlich, , lacking horns, {{cog, bar, humlet, , lacking horns}},{{R:OED2}} {{cog, de, hammeln}}, hämmeln, , to geld, {{cog, is, hamla, , to maim, mutilate}}. {{w,}} suggests that the “ear of grain with its awns removed” sense preceded the “animal without antlers or horns” sense.

Is Hummel a Scrabble Word?

Words With Friends YES
Scrabble US NO
Scrabble UK YES
English International (SOWPODS) YES
Scrabble Global YES
Enable1 Dictionary NO

Points in Different Games

Words with Friends

The word Hummel is worth 13 points in Scrabble and 16 points in Words with Friends

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