Definitions For Calend


(obsolete, rare) Plural of calend


{{PIE root, en, kelh₁}} From Middle English calendes, calendas, calendis, kalandes, kalendas, kalendes, kalendez, kalendis, kalendus (also in the {{glossary, singular}} forms calende, kalend, kalende),{{R:MED Online, entry=calende(s, pos=n, id=MED6531, accessdate=25 July 2019}}{{R:OED Online, entry=calends, kalends, pos=n, id=26319, date=1888, nodot=yes}}; {{R:Lexico, pos=n}} from {{der, en, la, kalendās}}, {{glossary, accusative}} {{glossary, plural}} of kalendae, , first day of a Roman month, an archaic variant of calandae, from calandus, , which is to be called or announced solemnly, the {{glossary, future}} {{glossary, passive}} {{glossary, participle}} of calō, , to call, announce solemnly (referring to the Roman practice of proclaiming the first days of the lunar month upon seeing the first signs of a new crescent moon), from {{der, en, ine-pro, *kelh₁-, , to call, cry, summon}}. Although the singular form calend {{qualifier, now obsolete, rare}} appeared in English (and compare {{cog, ang, calend}}, kalendus, , calends; a month), no singular form was used in Latin as recurring days of the calendar were always referred to in the plural.{{cite-book, author=Benjamin Hall Kennedy, authorlink=Benjamin Hall Kennedy, chapter=Morphology, title=The Public School Latin Grammar for the Use of Schools, Colleges, and Private Students, location=London, publisher=w:longman, longmans, green, and co., year=1871, section=section I (Flexion), § 27 (Anomalous Nouns), page=66, pageurl=, oclc=19449174}}; {{cite-book, author=Agnes Kirsopp Michels, authorlink=Agnes Kirsopp Lake Michels, chapter=The Pre-Julian Calendar, title=The Calendar of the Roman Republic, location=Princeton, N.J., publisher={{w, Princeton University Press}}, year=1967, section=part I (The Calendar of the First Century B.C.), page=19, pageurl=, oclc=639126828}}. Sense 2 (“a day for settling debts and other accounts”) refers to the Roman practice of fixing the calends as the day for debts to be paid.{{cite-book, author=T[homas] Wilson, authorlink=Thomas Wilson (schoolmaster), entry={{smallcaps, Interest}}, entryurl=, title=An Archæological Dictionary; Or, Classical Antiquities of the Jews, Greeks, and Romans, Alphabetically Arranged:{{nb..., Containing an Account of Their Manners, Customs, Diversions, Religious Rites, Philosophy, Festivals, Oracles, Laws, Arts, Engines of War, Weights, Measures, Money, Medals, Computation and Division of Time, Chronological Terms, Heresies in the Primitive Church, &c. &c.}}, edition=2nd, location=London, publisher=Printed for D. Ogilvy, [et al.], year=1793, column=2, oclc=221116755, passage={{smallcaps, Interest}} of money, was commonly paid by the Romans on the calends, for they imagined the days after the nones, ides, and calends, unfortunate, but it is more than probable the poor wretches, who had it not in their power to ſatisfy their creditors, would look upon the calends as the moſt unlucky day in all the month. Calends were fixed upon as days of payment, becauſe it was cuſtomary to lend money at ſo much per cent. per month.}}


candles, slanced

Is Calends a Scrabble Word?

Words With Friends YES
Scrabble US YES
Scrabble UK YES
English International (SOWPODS) YES
Scrabble Global YES
Enable1 Dictionary YES

Points in Different Games

Words with Friends

The word Calend is worth 10 points in Scrabble and 13 points in Words with Friends

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