Some tips on selecting your wedding hashtag!

  • Remember to capitalize the first letter of each new word in the hashtag!
  • You can double up on the bachelorette party if you like. Or you can make a separate one. There are no rules here!
  • Selecting a hashtag can be a fun thing to do with some close friends or family members. Just not too many!
  • It doesn’t have to be super creative. The perfect hashtag might simply be JohnAndJessTieTheKnot, or HappilyEverSmiths.
  • And it doesn't have to be unique for all of history.
  • Remember to utilize and try both first and last names as well as nicknames!
  • Use our hashtag generator. And don't forget to enter in nicknames as it allows us to provide more quality ideas.
  • Picking more than 2 can get confusing for people and also classifies photos under different hashtags assuming guests don't enter 3 for each photo.
  • Have fun!

Here are a couple articles that might give you some additional insight!

Wedding Hashtags Are Fun!