Every dog loving couple out there would love to have their dog be a member of their wedding party. After all, nothing is cuter than your best friend wrapped up in a tux, walking your ring down the aisle before you marry the love of your life. However, for many reasons, this isn’t always possible. Perhaps, your dog is sick, old, or suffers from anxiety or reactivity.

Additionally, your dog just might not be allowed at your venue or it may not be possible to fly them to your destination. Whatever the reason, just because they can't physically be present, doesn’t mean that you can’t find other ways to include them in your celebration. Consider come of these alternatives:


Include your dog in your proposal.


If you haven’t already proposed, but you know the love of your life loves their dog to death, consider including them in your proposal. For instance, you can craft fun dog tags or other
accessories that ask your partner if they will marry you or you could have them bring in the ring when you propose.

If you are not the one planning to propose, perhaps you can hint to your partner that you would like your pet to be part of the proposal. Without being obvious of course!


Include your pet in your engagement photos.


So they can’t make the ceremony. That doesn’t mean they have to miss out on all the love. If you want to memorialize your love and include your dog as well, consider bringing them along for your engagement photos. Find a pet friendly photographer and some loveable accessories and pose with your pup. Once you’ve taken your photos, don’t be afraid to include some of your shots with your invitations or use them on your save the date card!


Include them in your decorations.


The wedding decor is such a huge part of the ceremony and the after party. If you really want to pay homage to your pet and feel like they’re with you, even when they’re not, then include them in the decorations. Here you can really get creative. For instance, you can include a miniature version of your pup along with your bride and groom cake toppers. Additionally, you may decide to decorate your venue with some festive photos of your pup (this is the perfect chance to incorporate your engagement photos). You can string them up or use your adorable pictures as part of your centerpieces. You may also decide to include photos of your dog in your love story board. Finally, get creative and incorporate some doggie themed decor in your celebration (think bones, paws, tail wags, and more).




Bring them by for a quick visit and snap some photos.


So maybe it’s not the best idea to have your dog around for the entire ceremony, but that doesn’t mean that they have to miss out on all the fun. Instead, you may choose to have them present for just the ceremony and skip out on all the fun and chaos from the party. On the other hand, you may ask a friend, relative, or pet sitter to bring your dog by for a short visit during your reception. If you really want your dog to be a part of your special day, but they don’t do well with crowds or strangers, consider bringing them along with just you and your partner and snapping some special wedding photos before the sitter takes them home.


Include a pet themed photo booth.

Photo booths are tons of fun, especially at weddings. If your dog can’t attend, bring along some fun pet themed props for your photo booth. You can include things like doggie ears, nose, tongue, and a tail!


Include them in your vows or your speech.


If you want to honor your best friend, include them in your vows or in any of the speeches during your reception.Use this opportunity to talk about their love, their influence on your marriage, and share your most heartwarming stories about your times together!


What if you can make them a part of your ceremony?


If your dog has a great temperament and your venue is dog friendly, there are plenty of ways to keep them involved. For instance, your dog can attend as the ring bearer or flower girl. He can also carry a sign, walk you down the aisle, or sit by your side as you make your vows. The sky is the limit here!


When you love your dog, it’s hard to imagine celebrating your special day without them there.After all, their love means just as much to you as your partners. So if bringing your dog along for the ride just isn’t right for you and your big day, be sure to consider some of these suggestions.

No matter what you decide you’ll be sure to find the perfect way to incorporate your dog aspart of your ceremony.