So you’ve recently become engaged to the love of your life! Congratulations! I’m sure you are over the moon. But now the real work starts because it’s time to plan your wedding. Of course, planning a wedding can be stressful. There are a million details that you want to get exactly right for your big day to go as planned and so sometimes, it comes as no surprise that we forget a few things.


While you know how to plan for the basics, you know that you need a dress and the attire for your wedding party, you know that you need food and a cake, and you know that you have to pick out a venue and date, you may forget some more minor, but crucial details.

to make sure your big days goes as smoothly as possible, here are the things you’ll want to be sure not to forget when planning your wedding.


The weather - it’s more important than you think.


When picking a date for your wedding, it’s important that you do your research on the weather too. You’ll want to be sure that you know what the weather is like that time of year. Is it humid? Does it rain a lot? Is a snowstorm a possibility? This will help  you decide whether you want an indoor or outdoor venue as well as helping you decide what to wear. Once you have an idea of what you may be up against, have a back up plan. If you plan to get married outside, but it rains where will you move your wedding party? If you’re getting married in the winter time and it snows, how will you ensure that everyone can make it?


Pick out your accessories to go along with your dress.


Abride’s first priority may be her dress, but you’ll also want to be sure that you have picked out a veil, shoes, and jewelry to complete your look and elevate your style. You’ll also want to be sure to pick out any accessories foryour groom and your bridal party.


Budget for more than just the dress.


Soyou found the perfect dress, but it requires a few alterations. Everything isright as rain then? It will be, as long as you have budgeted for the cost ofthe alterations as well as the time it takes to complete those alterations.Make sure you give yourself plenty of wiggle room and pick out a dress early.That way, even if it takes a few weeks to finish alterations, you’ll still haveready before your big day. In addition, you don’t want expensive alterations tobreak your budget. Before you decide on how much you’re willing to spend onyour dress, factor in the possibility of alterations.


Create tip envelope.


Inaddition to budgeting for extras such as dress alterations, you’ll want to besure that you budget for tips and the possibility of overtime for your weddingvendors. Be sure to organize and set aside tips for vendors and caterers beforeyour wedding so that you’re not left digging through your purse for cash at thelast minute.


Pickout a wedding hashtag.


Evenif you’re hiring a professional photographer, you know that your friends andfamily are going to be taking plenty of pictures of you and your soul matethroughout the day. When you’re planning your wedding, be sure to pick out awedding hashtag for your guests to use on Instagram. That way they can uploadand share their favorite photos of your day and you won’t have to search toohard to find these photos. They’ll all be there in that same place, waiting foryou to scroll through and enjoy.


Whenpicking out your wedding hashtag you want to make sure that it’s all your own.Do this by including things like you and your partners names and the date ofyour wedding. Don’t be afraid to get creative either! Check to make sure thishashtag hasn’t been used before and be sure to remind your guests at thewedding to tag any photos with the hashtag and put  up a reminder on your wedding website.


Plan for after the wedding as well.


When the party's over and the lights come on, you’ll want to be sure that you have afew crucial details in place before you and your partner embark on yourhoneymoon. Be sure that you have planned for someone to help you gather up yourgifts, any homemade décor, or other personal items you may have brought along.


Dependingon your wedding venue, you may also be responsible for assembling a clean upcrew. Finally, you want to make sure that you have safe transportation arrangedfor you and your groom after the wedding to your hotel, airport, or whereveryou plan on starting your lives together. You’ll also want to make sure thatyou have brought along a change of clothes and an overnight bag so that you andyour groom aren’t stuck spending the night or your flight in your gown and tux.


Makesure to take care of yourself and have fun!


Planninga wedding can be a stressful whirlwind, but you want to make sure that you takecare of yourself before and during your big day. Make sure you get plenty ofsleep and nourish yourself with a healthy meal and plenty of water during your weddingparty. Take care of yourself and step back from the planning if you’re feelingoverwhelmed. There's nothing worse than spending the best day of your lifetired and sick. You want to be able to enjoy the fun and you deserve it! Soremember, that while your wedding planning is important, you and your partnerare your top priority!


Thereyou have it! As long as you remember to plan for these crucial details, yourwedding day is sure to go as smoothly as possible and be a day you’ll rememberfor the rest of your life.



Photo credit to Sweet Ice Cream Photography