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Welcome to our Unscramble Letters tool! This tool can help you unscramble any random assortment of letters into a word.

How to Use Our Unscramble Letters Tool

  1. Enter your letters. Type your letters into the large search box at the top of this page. You can enter your letters in any order: since they are going to be anagrammed, the sequence does not matter.
  2. Click the green search button, or consider your advanced options. If you’d like to do a simple search for anagrams, you can jump right to searching for solutions. Or, if you’d like to narrow down your results more, click the advance options button to establish additional parameters.
  3. Under advance options, you can choose what letters your word starts with, ends with, and contains. This can be especially helpful for Scrabble games when you might have an existing hook letter on the board which you want to play off of. Use the entry boxes in the advance options section to enter specific letters you want to show up at the beginning or end of the word. You can also choose to specify that a letter must occur in the middle of a word.
  4. You can choose to exclude certain letters from your search. If you want to mess around with possible options for your letters, you can also choose to exclude certain letters from your search. This is an easy way to test out different combinations of plays for an unscrambling game, without having to frequently re-enter your possible letters.
  5. Likewise, you can choose to force the inclusion of certain letters. If there are certain letters in your hand you’re eager to get rid of, you can choose to force the inclusion of a specific letter or letters in the word. This may significantly narrow down your results, but it will also help you find more useful options for play.
  6. You can choose which dictionaries you’d like your words to be pulled from. This feature can help ensure your words are “legal” in the selected game. You can also choose how you’d like to sort your results: by length, by Scrabble point values, or by Words with Friends point values.
  7. Finally, you can choose if you’d like to show the point value of your results as they’re generated. This can help you prioritize the most valuable words. You can also choose if you’d like to show your results in all uppercase letters.

Examples of the Unscramble Letters Tool

Here are a few examples of how the letter unscrambler works in practice.

If you started with the combination of letters OESBRUD, our generator will create a list of unscrambled words, starting with the seven-letter words and working down to the two-letter words. The list of potential unscrambled words include ROSEBUD, SOURED, EUROS, DOES, RED, and BE.

Another example might be if you entered the list of letters GHALFLTIN, but specified that you would like to exclude the letter N. You will get a list of unscrambled words including ALIGHT, FLAIL, HALF, ALL, and IF.

Best Unscramble Letter Games

There are plenty of games that use anagrams as the base of the game. For instance, Scrabble, one of the most famous word games of all time, is at its heart an anagram game. This Unscramble Letters tool can be a great boon in a Scrabble game. But there are other games, too, which require the anagramming of letters.

One such game is Words With Friends. An app that has many similarities to Scrabble, Words With Friends allows people to play against each other in a Scrabble-like game from a distance. 

Other anagram-style games include Wordle, a word guessing game in which players try to correctly guess a five-letter word. Players get hints as they go as to whether the letters they guess are in the word or not, meaning the game can sometimes descend into an anagram puzzle.

Tips for Getting Better at Finding Anagrams

While our tool can help you out in a pinch, you probably don’t want to become reliant on a mechanized Letter Unscrambler for all your games. If you’d like to get better at anagram games, here are a few tips on how to quickly unscramble letters:

  1. Practice finding short words first.

You might think it sounds a little lame to play a 2- or 3-letter word in your next Scrabble game. But starting out with short words is a great way to practice finding longer anagrams. Once you get used to scanning groups of letters for words, you can gradually build up the length of words you are able to distill from your hand.

  1. Find common letter combos and use these as hooks to create a longer word.

One of the biggest problems people face when unscrambling letters is the issue of abundance. If you have too many different choices, you can sometimes get paralyzed by trying to pick the right path. By finding common letter combos, like ‘TH’ and ‘SL,’ you can start to create the backbone off of which you can build your words. The more you narrow down your options, the closer you are to finding a solution.

  1. Separate out vowels.

Along with finding common letter combos, separating out vowels can help you find a solution quickly. The human brain can usually quickly insert vowels into words once the core consonants are identified. By separating out vowels, you allow yourself to identify those core consonants. Then you can quickly insert a few different vowel options to find a full word solution.

Our Other Word Scramble Tools

Letter Unscramblers are great, but there are also plenty of other tools that can help you out in a tough game. If you’re stuck on a hard Wordle game, try checking out our Wordle Solver and Anagram Solver, both of which can help you quickly and easily find the right answers. Or check out our Scrabble Board Solver, which can advise you on your next best play for the game.

Feedback on our Unscramble Letters Tool

Was this tool useful for you, or are there features you’d like to see added? Let us know by using the feedback button above!