Is TOUCH a scrabble word?

Words with Friends :  YES

English International (SOWPODS) :  YES

Collins Scrabble Words :  YES

Official Tournament & Club Word List :  YES

Enable1 Dictionary :  YES

Letterpress Dictionary :  YES

Definitions for the word 'touch'


  1. TOUCH, the act of putting two things together with no space between them
  2. TOUCH, a distinguishing style
  3. TOUCH, the feel of mechanical action
  4. TOUCH, deftness in handling matters
  5. TOUCH, the faculty by which external objects or forces are perceived through contact with the body (especially the hands)
  6. TOUCH, the sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin
  7. TOUCH, a suggestion of some quality
  8. TOUCH, the act of soliciting money (as a gift or loan)
  9. TOUCH, a communicative interaction
  10. TOUCH, the event of something coming in contact with the body
  11. TOUCH, a slight but appreciable amount
  12. TOUCH, a slight attack of illness
  13. TOUCH, the act of touching someone or something
  14. TOUCH, the ability to be aware of something physical by touching it : the sense that allows you to feel physical things
  15. TOUCH, the quality of a thing that is experienced by feeling or touching it


  1. TOUCH, have an effect upon
  2. TOUCH, color lightly
  3. TOUCH, comprehend
  4. TOUCH, make a more or less disguised reference to
  5. TOUCH, consume
  6. TOUCH, be in direct physical contact with; make contact
  7. TOUCH, make physical contact with, come in contact with
  8. TOUCH, cause to be in brief contact with
  9. TOUCH, tamper with
  10. TOUCH, affect emotionally
  11. TOUCH, perceive via the tactile sense
  12. TOUCH, deal with; usually used with a form of negation
  13. TOUCH, be equal to in quality or ability
  14. TOUCH, be relevant to
  15. TOUCH, to extend as far as
  16. TOUCH, to put your hand, fingers, etc., on someone or something
  17. TOUCH, to be in contact with (something)
  18. TOUCH, to change or move (something)

Synonyms for 'touch'

The word TOUCH is worth 10 points in Scrabble and 11 points in Words with Friends

How to use the word 'touch' in a sentence

  1. Please do not touch the statue.
  2. Slowly bend forward and try to touch your toes.
  3. He tried to touch the snake with a stick.
  4. Blind since birth, she relies on her sense of touch to read braille.
  5. The plate was hot to the touch.

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