Is PLAIN a scrabble word?

Words With Friends :  YES

Scrabble US :  YES

Scrabble UK :  YES

English International (SOWPODS) :  YES

Scrabble Global :  YES

Enable1 Dictionary :  YES

Definitions for the word 'plain'


  1. PLAIN, a basic knitting stitch made by putting the needle through the front of the stitch from the lefthand side
  2. PLAIN, extensive tract of level open land


  1. PLAIN, express complaints, discontent, displeasure, or unhappiness
  2. PLAIN, a large area of flat land without trees


  1. PLAIN, lacking embellishment or ornamentation
  2. PLAIN, lacking in physical beauty or proportion
  3. PLAIN, free from any effort to soften to disguise
  4. PLAIN, clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment
  5. PLAIN, not mixed with extraneous elements


  1. PLAIN, lacking patterns especially in color
  2. PLAIN, not elaborate or elaborated; simple


  1. PLAIN, unmistakably (plain' is often used informally for plainly')

Synonyms for 'plain'

Antonyms for 'plain'

The word PLAIN is worth 7 points in Scrabble and 10 points in Words with Friends

How to use the word 'plain' in a sentence

  1. the Great Plains of the United States
  2. the first settlers in that area lived on the vast plains in lonely log cabins
  3. It was a plain room with no curtains.
  4. She was wearing plain black shoes.
  5. He printed the picture on plain paper.

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