Is AAL a scrabble word?

Words with Friends :  YES

English International (SOWPODS) :  YES

Collins Scrabble Words :  YES

Official Tournament & Club Word List :  YES

Enable1 Dictionary :  YES

Letterpress Dictionary :  YES

Definitions for the word 'aal'


  1. AAL, American Airlines
  2. AAL, Art at the Library (Brighton Art Guild; Michigan)
  3. AAL, Average Annual Loss (insurance)
  4. AAL, Ankara Ataturk Lisesi (Turkish high school)
  5. AAL, Ambient Assisted Living (Europe)
  6. AAL, Add-A-Leaf (automotive modification)
  7. AAL, Adelaide Airport Limited (Australia)
  8. AAL, ATM Adaptation Layer
  9. AAL, Alaska Airlines
  10. AAL, Aborigines Advancement League (est. 1957; Australia)
  11. AAL, Active Assisted Living (EU)
  12. AAL, Advanced Academic Literacy
  13. AAL, African American Language
  14. AAL, Additional Adoption Leave (UK)
  15. AAL, Animal Adoption League (est. 1992)
  16. AAL, attorney at law
  17. AAL, Animation Art Ltd.
  18. AAL, Adelaide Airport Ltd. (Australia)
  19. AAL, Aid Association for Lutherans
  20. AAL, Australasian Association for Logic (Australia and New Zealand)
  21. AAL, Animals as Leaders (band)
  22. AAL, Anterior Axillary Line
  23. AAL, Above Aerodrome Level
  24. AAL, Asian Aviation Logistics (Bangkok, Thailand)
  25. AAL, Asynchronous Transfer Mode Adaption Layer
  26. AAL, Australian Air League
  27. AAL, Aalborg, Denmark - Aalborg (Airport Code)
  28. AAL, Alloy Annotation Language
  29. AAL, Acceptable Ambient Level
  30. AAL, Anatomical Automatic Labeling (digital human brain atlas)
  31. AAL, Aero Acoustic Levitation
  32. AAL, Association des Artistes Lorrains (French: Lorraine Artists' Association)
  33. AAL, Ames Aeronautical Laboratory
  34. AAL, Applied Action Level (environment)
  35. AAL, Acceptable Ambient Limit
  36. AAL, Additional Authorizations List
  37. AAL, Analog PSTN Access Line
  38. AAL, Account Access Layer
  39. AAL, Active Alarm List
  40. AAL, Academy of Asian Leaders
  41. AAL, Aircraft Approach Limitation
  42. AAL, Application Adaption Layer
  43. AAL, Arctic Aeromedical Lab (Fort Wainwright, AK)
  44. AAL, Authorized Allowance List
  45. AAL, Assembly on American Literature
  46. AAL, Asociacion Ambientalista Llastay
  47. AAL, Ateliers d'Art Liturgique (French: Liturgical Art Workshops)
  48. AAL, Association des Attach├ęs Linguistiques (French: Association of Language Staff)
  49. AAL, Aircraft Assignment Letter
  50. AAL, Anti-Acronym League
  51. AAL, Asiana Air Lines
  52. AAL, Arthur Alexander Leach (junior high school, Winnipeg, Canada)
  53. AAL, Atelier d'Astronomie de Limoges (Astronomical Workshop of Limoges- France)
  54. AAL, Address Alignment Logic (computer science)
  55. AAL, Agence Alsace Lorraine (French real estate agency)

The word AAL is worth 3 points in Scrabble and 4 points in Words with Friends

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