Abigail Fuller

About Abigail

I am a graduate of DePaul University. I work out of 1871, an open office space located in the Merchandise Mart. I not only ~love~ working in the beautiful City of Chicago, but I am loving the projects that I have been working on! Thus far, we (myself and the other interns at MPL) have spent the majority of our time on The Word Finder - a website that has many different word and word game resources. It can help you create high-scoring Scrabble words from your given tiles, find difficult crossword words, help you solve Sudoku puzzles, has an anagram solver, and much, much more! We have specifically been working on creating new and fresh content for The Word Finder. This content includes blog posts such as those below. We also have been updating Social Media. We are trying to make these posts entertaining to view while still informational / educational and relating to words and word games.