Some additional Words with Friends Quirks

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from one user’s experience.  David Fagan wrote a hilarious piece this month on the Huffington Post about “bugs and design flaws” he has found that seem to annoy him.   We’ve talked about annoyances with the game in the past, so thought we would list his findings here.  Not sure if he has the paid pro version from the past, and now paid only seems to be for removing ads anyway.  David’s bugs:

1. Sending both players the rematch button after a game over, often times inadvertently setting up 2 new games instead of 1 if both players hit it.

2. If a user has to resign, there is no “draw” or “cancel” button so as not to affect stats.

3. Fast Play limit of 12 hours per move seems not so fast!

4. Solo play need to wait 2 minutes for no reason, for bot to make move.

There you have it. Check out his post for a quick laugh!


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