New Words With Friends Released Today

Zynga today released an improved version of its hit word game Words With Friends Today. We tested out the new version and it has gotten our team back on the game after months of not playing.  Sure at the end of the day the core concept is the same.  But the new app feels much sleeker, faster, and friendlier.  Setup worked like magic (outside of the slight one-time wait of about 10 seconds).  But that time was worth it when we saw it was able to collect our past games, scores, stats all with a click of a login via Facebook  button.

New features include solo play.  This is different from pass n play but rather pits users against a computer opponent.  You can even play this mode without a connection, on a plane, etc.  This was a widely requested feature amongst fans. In addition there is now a community match option, a word of the day, and dictionary option.

Zynga has already completed a major update of FarmVille and has signed a variety of partnerships this year.  See below for Zynga trailer.


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