How to score better at Scramble With Friends

Want to improve your Scramble With Friends Score? Follow these 12 strategies to help you out!

1) Spell out words with your finger while moving quickly! The most important thing is to not sit around looking for a word and then spell it out, but rather keep your finger on the move as you spell and look for words.

2) Focus on the double word tile in round 2 and the triple word tile in round 3. Start around that tile, until you can no longer possibly think of any words involving that tile. Then move away from the triple word tile, keeping in mind that you can end a word with the triple word tile still. You’ll notice a huge bump in rounds 2 and 3.

3) In addition to the double and triple word tiles, you know that there are double and triple letter tiles as well. At the beginning of rounds 2 and 3, quickly scan around the double/triple letter tiles, and if any of them are letters that are naturally worth 3 points or more (such as “P” or “M”), try to focus on these tiles as soon as you run out of words for your double and triple word tiles.

4) Learn as many “P” and “M” words as you can. These are high value tiles that come up very often.

5) After each round, study the words you did not get. Particulary pay attention to P and M words and words that your opponent was able to find. You’d be surprised how much you will remember by simply making it a habit to look at the list after each round. Zynga makes it available to you, so you might as well take a look!

6) Memorize the 3 letter words with J and X. “J” and “X” tiles will come up every now and then so if you know what quick common (jet) and obscure (jete) words make for points, it will come in handy. Do not waste your time with 2 letter words because they are all worth just 1 point no matter the letter. (even words like Xi and Za are only worth 1 point)

7) If you have time, try out our Scramble With Friends Solver as you are starting out.  It will just help you to see what words you are missing and the different possibilities sorted by score or by letter.

8) Turn your sound on! You can’t always do this, especially if you are sitting on the pot at “work,” but if you are at home try turning on the sound because you may find it helps you go faster.

9) Use only one finger. You should not be tapping letters, but rather dragging your index finger or thumb. It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people we found that use 2 fingers in the game.

10) The best free tokens to use are the Time Freeze and the Inspiration tokens. Don’t even think about using the Scramble token or the Vision token, they will only waste time. You should not be wasting your money on the Mega Freeze either.

11) When the timer hits 1 second, you can start a word and take your time as it will let you finish the word before ending the round.  Just remember to put your finger on a letter (which will have to be the first letter of your word).

12) Practice. Practice. Practice. The more you play the better you get. Patterns repeat, muscle memory in your fingers improve, and similar words are available on each board.

Good Luck!

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