Welcome to our Wordle Maker - Essentially your own Custom Wordle Game Generator! This tool will allow you to create your own custom Wordle puzzle for which you pick the answer. Whether you’re looking for your own puzzle with an easy solution to encourage kids, or something so hard even your word master father can’t solve it, our tool can help you generate exactly the specific game you need.

How to Use Our Custom Wordle Maker

  1. Enter your chosen word into the main text box. Though traditional Wordles are five letters, you can choose to enter any word between 3 and 9 letters long. The rules of your custom game – including the number of guesses a player gets – will be updated to fit the word length accordingly.
  2. The puzzle will be automatically generated. Once it’s done, you can choose to copy the link to the game to send it to someone, or you can use the share button.
  3. Click the ‘send game’ button to share the game with your friends. You can send the link to your friends via social media sites, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger. Or you can send an email directly to a friend.
  4. On the puzzle page, you can play your Wordle just like any other game. Though the solution to these games is custom, the rules are not.
  5. Instructions will pop up before you play the game. This means you can send your custom puzzle to anyone, including people who aren’t as familiar with Wordles as you may be.
  6. After the game, you can choose to share your results, learn more about the answer, or play more of our Lingle games. Like other Wordles, our game offers the option to share your solution with friends by showing off your Wordle grid. You can also learn more about the word you found – an especially helpful tool if your friends are trying to trick you with super complex words in this custom game! And, of course, if you finish your custom game and are in the mood for more puzzles, you can check out some of our other Wordle games, including our 4-letter Linges, 5-letter Lingles, 6-letter Lingles, and 7-letter Lingles.

How to Make your Own Wordle Puzzles Challenging

One of the interesting things about Wordle is the complete uncertainty about what you’re going to get (as an answer). The creators behind Wordle parsed their five-letter word lists so that players weren’t trying to guess a super obscure, 16th-century word that nobody knows exists. But beyond that, the relative difficulty of the game varies day by day. Sometimes you might get lucky with a word made of common letters which you can guess in three turns. Other times, you’re looking for a word like JAZZY with a J and two Zs – not exactly the top of the list for likely options.

But utilizing the Wordle Maker introduces a new level of difficulty. Maybe you want a custom Wordle game so you can surprise a friend or partner – such as with the solution ‘MARRY.’ Alternately, maybe you want to finally stump the irritating relative who hasn’t missed a Wordle since they started playing. Still, you don’t necessarily want to pop out here with a word like ZYZZYVA which they will (rightfully) argue is an unfair play. The best way to stump them is to pick a normal word that has various features that make it hard to guess. If that’s your goal, here are a few tips for how to pick the best word.

  1. Try to aim for words with strange letters.

This advice may seem obvious, but it’s still the best way to stump someone, so it bears emphasizing. Most Wordle players don’t guess words with letters containing a Z, X, or Q until near the end of the game. If you can stuff one of these letters in, you’ll make the answer much harder to guess. Likewise, though, there are other letters that are rarely guessed, such as F, V, W, K, and, surprisingly enough, B. Words with several of these letters will pose a real challenge to solvers.

  1. Look for words with common letters in uncommon places.

For instance, search for a word with a Y at the beginning or middle of a word, instead of at the end. Or look for a word with Q but no U. Or find a term that starts with a vowel or – better yet – two vowels in a row. In Wordle, the struggle of the game isn’t just finding all the letters, but figuring out where they go. For this reason, finding common letters in weird places can be just as tough as finding uncommon letters.

  1. Find words with many vowels.

In a game of Hangman or Wheel of Fortune, vowels might be what a player guesses first. But in Wordle, players have to guess complete words. That makes it harder for players to move through multiple vowels at once. Players tend to assume they've found all the vowels once they've found two or three. That makes it very difficult to guess a word like OUIJA.

On that same note, the human brain tends to struggle to string multiple vowels together into a single word. Though all words must contain vowels, consonants form the backbone of words. Usually, people can’t start to guess a word until they’ve found a few of these consonants. If you pick a vowel-heavy word, you’ll find your opponents really struggle. 


Did you find our Custom Wordle Maker useful, or are there features you’d like to see added? Let us know by using the feedback button below. Remember you can copy and paste the Wordle URL so it is easy to send to friends and family. And make sure to check out some of our other Wordle resources, including our Wordle Solver and our Quordle Solver.

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