Is UNDER a scrabble word?

Words With Friends :  YES

Scrabble US :  YES

Scrabble UK :  YES

English International (SOWPODS) :  YES

Scrabble Global :  YES

Enable1 Dictionary :  YES

Definitions for the word 'under'


  1. UNDER, lower in rank, power, or authority
  2. UNDER, located below or beneath something else


  1. UNDER, further down
  2. UNDER, down below
  3. UNDER, below the horizon
  4. UNDER, below some quantity or limit
  5. UNDER, in or into a state of subordination or subjugation
  6. UNDER, down to defeat, death, or ruin
  7. UNDER, into unconsciousness
  8. UNDER, through a range downward


  1. UNDER, in or into a position that is below or beneath something ; especially : in a position that is below the surface of water
  2. UNDER, in a forward direction that passes below something
  3. UNDER, less than an expected or stated number or amount
  4. UNDER, in or to a lower place than (something) : below or beneath (something)
  5. UNDER, guided or managed by (a person or group)
  6. UNDER, controlled or affected by (something)

Synonyms for 'under'

Antonyms for 'under'

The word UNDER is worth 6 points in Scrabble and 8 points in Words with Friends

How to use the word 'under' in a sentence

  1. Pull the bed sheets tight then fold the ends under.
  2. He turned under his shirt's collar.
  3. The whale surfaced briefly then dove under again.
  4. They couldn't climb over the wall, so they dug a hole under it.
  5. Draw a line under each word you don't know.
  6. We sat under a tree and rested a while.

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