Definitions For Ouch

Etymology 1

Uncertain. Some sources say the interjection is attested since 1838{{R:MWO}} (and specifically in American English) and derives ultimately from {{der, en, de, autsch}},{{}}{{R:OED}} () perhaps specifically via {{der, en, pdc, outch, , cry of pain}}, as early attestations of the interjection are from Pennsylvania. However, others say the interjection is a "mere"{{R:Century 1911}} or "natural" exclamation attested since the mid 1600s,{{R:Lexico}} and the 1933 OED cites one instance of a verb "ouch" in 1654, "Sancho Pancas Runs Ouching round the mountaine like a ranck-Asse".1654, Gayton, Pleas. Notes IV. ii. 176, "But harke Sancho Pancas Runs Ouching round the mountaine like a ranck-Asse, Braying for's Company.


/ˈaʊtʃ/ {{rhymes, en, aʊtʃ}} (audio stream unavailable)


{{en-interj}} An expression of one's own physical pain. : Ouch! You stepped on my toe! That hurt! An expression in sympathy at another's pain. : Ouch! Her sunburn looks awful. A reply to an insult seen as savage (frequently one that is tongue-in-cheek or joking). : Ouch. How could you say that? An expression of disappointment. : Ouch, I really wanted to do that. (slang) Expressing surprise at the high price of something. : ''Ouch, one hundred thousand dollars for a car! I could never afford that!


in all of the above senses ow, owie, youch, yow, yowch


Afrikaans: eina Arabic: حِلْيَة : Hijazi Arabic: أي (ay), أح (aḥ), آخ (āḵ) Armenian: ախ, վախ Bikol Central: aray Breton: aiou Bulgarian: ох Catalan: au Cherokee: ᎠᏲ (ayo, sc=Cher) Chinese: : Mandarin: 哎喲, sc=Hani, 哎哟, tr=āiyō, sc=Hani, 哎呀, tr=āiyā, sc=Hani Czech: au Danish: av Deg Xinag: Aiiau de Dutch: au Esperanto: aj, uj Finnish: ai, au, auts, auh, alt=auh!, aijai, auh French: aïe, ouille German: au, aua, autsch Ghotuo: ouxh a Greek: αχ, ωχ Hebrew: אח Hungarian: jaj Ido: aye Indonesian: aduh Italian: ahi, ahia Japanese: 痛い, tr=itai, いて (ite), いてて (itete) Kimaragang: odoi Korean: 아야 Lakota: yúŋ Latin: au Malay: : Jawi: ادوه, sc=Arab : Rumi: aduh Maori: taukahore Navajo: ayáo, ayáh Norwegian: au Ojibwe: iyoo Pashto: وخ (wax), وئ (wëy) Persian: آخ, tr=âx, sc=fa-Arab, آی, tr=ây, sc=fa-Arab Polish: ała, au, auć Portuguese: ai, au Romanian: ai, au, ah, vai, aoleu Russian: ой, ай, ох, а́уч {{qualifier, neologism}} Serbo-Croatian: au, auć, joj, jao Spanish: ay, uy Swedish: aj Tagalog: aray, aruy, aguy, ay Tamil: ஐயோ Telugu: అభా, sc=Telu Thai: อุ๊ย, tr=úi, อุ๊ยตาย (úi-dtaai), โอ๊ย, tr=ói Uokha: ouxh Vietnamese: úi da, ai da, ui da, đau Yup'ik: akekataki Finnish: auts, auh, oi voi, oijoi, voi voi French: aïe Greek: αχ Malay: : Jawi: ادوه, sc=Arab / ادوي, sc=Arab / وادوه, sc=Arab : Rumi: aduh / adoi / waduh Norwegian: au da, uff da Pashto: وخ (wax), وئ (wëy) Swedish: aj, aj aj aj, aj då Ahirani: Ay, aÿe Finnish: auts, auh French: aïe Malay: : Jawi: ادوه, sc=Arab / ادوي, sc=Arab / وادوه, sc=Arab : Rumi: aduh / adoi / waduh Pashto: وخ (wax), وئ (wëy) Swedish: aj

Etymology 2

Variant forms.


{{en-noun, es}} Alternate form of ouche


Chou, Chūō, chou

Is Ouch a Scrabble Word?

Words With Friends YES
Scrabble US YES
Scrabble UK YES
English International (SOWPODS) YES
Scrabble Global YES
Enable1 Dictionary YES

Points in Different Games

Words with Friends

The word Ouch is worth 9 points in Scrabble and 10 points in Words with Friends

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