Definitions For Lask

Etymology 1

{{root, en, ine-pro, (s)leg-, *(s)leh₁g-}} From Middle English lasken, t=to diminish, weaken (the blood or other body fluids, body tissues, etc.); to thin (the blood through bloodletting); to alleviate (pain, sickness); to grow weak; to shorten (one’s life){{nb..., lask, laske, leasken, leske, lesken, otherforms=1}},{{R:MED Online, entry=lasken, pos=v, id=MED24720}} from {{der, en, fro-nor, lasquer}}, {{der, en, fro, lascher}}, laschier ("to let go of, release; to loosen, relax") (modern {{cog, fr, lâcher, t=to let go of, release; to loosen}}), from {{der, en, VL., *lascāre}}, *lassicāre, from Latin *laxicāre}}, the {{glossary, frequentative}} of {{der, en, la, laxāre}}, the {{glossary, present}} {{glossary, active}} {{glossary, infinitive}} of laxō ("to relax, weaken; to release, undo; to make wide, open"), from laxus, t=free, loose, slack; roomy, spacious, wide,{{R:OED Online, pos=v, id=105981, date=June 2021 ultimately from {{der, en, ine-pro, *(s)leg-}}, *(s)leh₁g-, t=faint; weak.


{{en-verb}} (intransitive, obsolete) To have loose#adjective, loose bowels; to suffer from diarrhoea.

Alternative forms


Etymology 2

From Middle English laske, t=lax, weak; of the bowels: loose,{{R:MED Online, entry=laske, pos=v, id=MED24719}} from {{der, en, fro-nor, *lasque}}, {{der, en, fro, laske}}, lasche ("not taut or tight, limp") (modern {{cog, fr, lâche, t=loose, slack}}),{{R:OED Online, entry=† lask, pos=adj, id=105980, date=December 2020}} from {{der, en, fro, lascher}}, laschier ("to let go of, release; to loosen, relax"): see further at #etymology 1, etymology 1.


(obsolete) lax#adjective, lax, weak; specifically of the bowels: affect#verb, affected by diarrhoea; loose#adjective, loose.

Etymology 3

From the {{glossary, adjective}}: see #etymology 2, etymology 2.{{R:OED Online, pos=n.{{sup, 1}}, noformat=1, id=105978, date=June 2021}}


LASK. (countable and uncountable, plural LASKs) (uncountable, chiefly, veterinary medicine) Originally of both persons and animals, now only of animals: looseness of the bowels; diarrhoea; (countable) a bout#noun, bout of this ailment.

Alternative forms



Salk, alks

Is Lask a Scrabble Word?

Words With Friends NO
Scrabble US NO
Scrabble UK NO
English International (SOWPODS) NO
Scrabble Global NO
Enable1 Dictionary NO

Points in Different Games

Words with Friends

The word Lask is worth 8 points in Scrabble and 9 points in Words with Friends

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