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COULD (plural COULDs) Something that could happen, or could be the case, under different circumstances; a potentiality.


Simple past tense of can : Before I was blind, I could see very well. {{inflection of, en, can, , cond}} {{non-gloss definition, Used as a past subjunctive (contrary to fact).}} : I think he could do it if he really wanted to. : I wish I could fly! {{non-gloss definition, Used to politely ask for permission to do something}}. : {{ux, en, Could I borrow your coat?}} {{non-gloss definition, Used to politely ask for someone else to do something}}. : {{ux, en, Could you proofread this email?}} {{non-gloss definition, Used to show the possibility that something might happen}}. {{quote-journal, en, date=2013-06-29, volume=407, issue=8842, page=55, magazine={{w, The Economist}} : {{ux, en, We could rearrange the time if you like.}} {{non-gloss definition, Used to suggest something}}. : {{ux, en, You could try adding more salt to the soup.}}

Derived terms

could care less could've couldn't (negative form of could) couldst (archaic second-person of could)

Related terms

can should would

Alternative forms

coud {{qualifier, obsolete}} cou’d {{qualifier, obsolete}}


{{PIE root, en, ǵneh₃}} From Middle English coude, couthe, cuthe, from {{inh, en, ang, cūþe}}, past indicative and past subjunctive form of cunnan, , to be able (compare related cūþ, whence English couth). The silent 'l' was added in the early 16th century by analogy with should and would, at which time the 'l' in those words was already also silent (and was sometimes not written, leading to shudd, wode, etc).Christopher Upward, George Davidson, The History of English Spelling (2011), section "Silent L"

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Cloud, cloud, culdo-

Is Could a Scrabble Word?

Words With Friends YES
Scrabble US YES
Scrabble UK YES
English International (SOWPODS) YES
Scrabble Global YES
Enable1 Dictionary YES

Points in Different Games

Words with Friends

The word Could is worth 8 points in Scrabble and 11 points in Words with Friends

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